Monday, June 2, 2008

Week 4: Social Bookmarking


7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking (PDF), by Educause Learning Initiative


Social Bookmarking in Plain English, by Common Craft


  1. Use your browser to go to Either Internet Explorer or Firefox will work.

  2. Create a free account. For help see "How do I get started?".

  3. Install the Firefox extension (or IE buttons) or save the bookmarklet buttons. These are what will allow you to add links to your account as you find them.

  4. Add the neiulibrary account to your network by going to the neiulibrary page and clicking "add neiulibrary to your network".

  5. Bookmark your first page. How about help? Remember to tag it.

  6. Explore other users' links. How?

    • Browse the home page for the latest adds.

    • Search the site by tag.

    • Go directly to one of your favorite sites.

  7. Pick a bookmark and "send" to to neiulibrary by tagging it with for:neiulibrary

  8. Share your URL in a post on your blog. Also include comments on a) those pink bars--what do they mean? b) tagging with phrases -- what are some options?


Please note that you have the option of making each bookmark you save either public or private. Public bookmarks will show up in your publicly viewable link list; private booksmarks will only show up in your link list when you are logged in.


As with the other tools we've explored so far, is not the only social bookmarking site. You could also use:

Some bookmarking sites have been created specifically for academic use. These include:

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