Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 9: Online Video Sharing

The remaining two lessons feature tools that involve video and audio clips. Rather than teaching you how to create and upload your own content, the lessons will just introduce you to sites that host content for your viewing/listening pleasure. I'd encourage you to learn more about creating media if you're interested, but not everyone has access to the technology required to do so. Of course, there's always the MLRC...


7 Things You Should Know About YouTube (PDF)


Part of a series of library tours from the University of Florida


  1. Use your browser to go to Either Internet Explorer or Firefox will work.

  2. Create your own YouTube account by clicking the 'Sign Up' link.

  3. Watch Sock Monkey Visits the NEIU Library created by our very own Nancy Murillo!

  4. Subscribe to the neiulibrary channel.

  5. Search for 3 additional library-related videos and add them to your favorites.

  6. Post your YouTube username to your blog.


Other online video sharing sites include:

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