Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 1: Blogging


7 Things You Should Know About Blogs (PDF), by Educause Learning Initiative


Blogs in Plain English, by Common Craft


  1. Use your browser to go to Either Internet Explorer or Firefox will work.

  2. Create a free Blogger account and blog. For help see "How do I create a Blogger account?"

  3. Send the name of your blog and its URL / link to Lisa Wallis

  4. Write your first (brief) post about either

Explore isn't the only site for setting up a free blog. You could also use:

Since blogs are updated so frequently, special search engines constantly monitor them. To find something on a blog, search:


Nancy Sarah said...

My blog is:

Please post your blog address!

NEIU Library said...

Yes, if you haven't already, please post your blog address here or send it to me via email. I'm adding the blogs under Library Bloggers in the right-hand sidebar.