Monday, May 19, 2008

Week 2: RSS & Newsreaders


7 Things You Should Know About RSS (PDF), by Educause Learning Initiative


RSS in Plain English, by Common Craft


  1. Use your browser to go to

  2. Create a free Bloglines account. For help see "How do I sign up?" or other FAQs.

  3. Subscribe to the Library News blog by

    1. Signing in to Bloglines

    2. Clicking "Add"

    3. Typing into the Blog or Feed URL box

  4. Subscribe to a few of the NEIU staff blogs created in last week's module. For a list of these see the Library Bloggers area in the sidebar.

  5. Search Bloglines by keyword choosing "Search for Feeds" to find additional blogs of interest. Anything: reading, quilting, gardening, motorcycles, tattoos...

  6. Share your Bloglines blogroll by

    1. Signing in to Bloglines

    2. Clicking "Account" (upper right), then "Blog Settings"

    3. Filling in a User Name and choosing "Yes, publish my Blogroll"

    4. Clicking the "Save Changes" button

    5. Posting the blogroll URL on your blog


Please note you have the option of making each RSS feed you add either public or private. Public feeds will show up in your blogroll; private feeds will not.


Bloglines isn't the only free Web-based newsreader available. You could also use:

RSS Feeds also have special search engines to help you identify additional resources. To find more feeds to add to Bloglines, search:

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